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Posada El Delfin Hotel

Welcome to Posada El Delfin your escape from the everyday.


This is a certified 4-star hotel that opened on January 1, 2003. Recognized in 2021by  the TV program Los Secretos Mejor Guardados by Vida Amor De Paz as her favorite place to stay whenever she comes to Livingston.

The hotel is located in the remote fishing village of Livingston, Izabal on the eastern coast of Guatemala, C.A.

This hotel is a place where you can relax on the hammocks on a dock that faces the RIO DULCE where you can overlook the Caribbean Sea and catch some sun on the deck overlooking the pool, as you let yourself absorb the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle. With every room decorated with some art or enjoy the art-viewing wall and even shop for a painting as a souvenir from the Local Painters, we have on display.


This vacation hideaway is situated on the mouth of the Rio Dulce "sweet river" facing the Caribbean Sea, just 45 minutes by boat from the southern tip of Belize or 30 minutes by boat from the town of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

The only way to reach the town of Livingston is by boat.  

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